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Crisan Fisherman’s Inn is the perfect vacation spot especially for those who love to fish and hunt.

The waters around the Crisan Fisherman’s Inn are filled with carp, asp (the fish, not the snake), catfish and pike. You can try your luck from the boat bridge near the inn, but if you don’t settle for it, you can rent a boat that can take you to other fishing spots, and a guide who can show them to you. Our guide knows the surrounding waters very well, and he speaks English.

South of Crisan you can find some of the best fishing spots in the Danube Delta – the lakes Puiu, Puiulet and Lumina. To the North lays the fishing village Mila 23, completely surrounded by water. Fisherman’s traditions have been kept alive here, and you can also try their famous fish soup (borș de pește) that you should not miss.

There is only one thing left to say: don’t forget your fishing permit!