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About us

Inside the beating heart of the invaluable wild landscape of the Danube Delta, where fishing traditions have ancient origins and the whole universe blends harmoniously with nature, there is located the Crisan Fisherman’s Inn. Village whose name it bears, is therefore located on the most navigated horns, Sulina.

The ambience and decor characterized by distinction of design and outfitting surroundings, both the inn and the whole area attracts tourists mostly to spend a relaxing vacation in perfect good humor uninterrupted. Atmosphere abounds everywhere in the Danube Delta, the landscapes and the inn, located in the heart of the delta, fishery faithfully reflect all the flavor of wild flora and fauna and the local pulse, one broken like everyday, in particular the small details.

What we offer besides the restaurant made available, are parties organized weddings, birthdays, private parties, team building, etc. And for the holidays to us to be the most tempting place to ensure the beach, fishing piers in place, five fishing boats motor lagoon, rummy, backgammon, chess, etc., all to ensure an unforgettable holliday.

Crisan Fisherman’s Inn can provide on-demand transport tourists by boat from Tulcea and Murighiol. For more details please contact us.